Josh Barnett y Ronny Markes en el pesaje de Bellator 235
Josh Barnett y Ronny Markes en el pesaje de Bellator 235

La pelea entre Josh Barnett y Ronny Markes ya tiene nueva fecha. MMA Fighting informó esta tarde que la pelea se realizará en Bellator 241.

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What A holiday season. I was lucky recipient of crushing illness at the worst possible time. I would've preferred a lump of coal. The training week and weigh ins all went off without a hitch, and I went to bed the night before the fight after a big group meal feeling ready for the day to come, only to awake in the middle of the night to shivering sweats. I would continue to wake up all throughout the night and things getting progressively worse. To say it mildly – I was starting to feel concerned. By the morning I was sent to urgent care, given 2L of fluids and pumped full of vitamins and medications, but things were not getting much better. By the time I got to the arena, laying on the floor in the dark shivering and sweating was the extent of my capabilities and the doctor declared me unfit to fight. I don't think I could have been much of a punching bag even at the moment. Even now I am just getting back to normal as that flu I caught was immediately followed up by a nasty cold with a lovely sinus infection on the side. I still feel awful for not being able to fight that night in front of all the US Soldiers and Bellator; that I left Ronny Markes without a partner in battle and without a fight for those who tuned in to watch. This was so much time and preparation now ruined in less than 24hrs. Thank you Ray Sefo and Ronny for coming to check on me in the locker room. Thank you Scott for the opportunity in the first place, but now I must ask you for the chance to complete what was started in Hawaii; for Bellator, Ronny, the fans, and my pride.

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El combate estaba programado para Diciembre, pero el ex campeón peso completo de UFC no obtuvo autorización para pelear a horas de empezar el evento.

Barnett no ve acción desde que finalizó a Andrei Arlovski en UFC Hamburg en Diciembre del 2016. El veterano de las MMA dejo UFC tras una guerra legal con USADA, y ha estado activo en torneos de grappling y eventos de lucha libre.

Markes, viene de noquear a Sigi Pesaleli en PFL 3. Ronny ha obtenido un récord de 5-4 desde que dejó UFC el 2014.

Bellator 241 se realizará el próximo 13 de marzo en el Mohegan Sun Casino de Uncasville, Connecticut.

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